I am a graphic and web designer, working full-time at All in IT Solutions, an IT and marketing agency in Sydney.

I love design. I love graphics. I love the arts. I started learning Photoshop and graphic design by myself at 12 years old, and I just knew that it was what I have to do, what I want to do, for the rest of my life. I love working with prints and digital platforms, looking into and adapting new design trends. I love the feeling of seeing my design in person, up in the wall, out in the street, witnessing the audience's reaction to it. I also dabble a bit in typography - releasing my own typeface in my second year of university, as well as practicing hand-lettering. In recent years, I have started taking interest in mobile and web UI/UX design, and began projects of my own.
On my professional career path, I look forward to seeing how design can shape user experience, grow brand identity, influence local and worldwide changes, and how I, as a designer, can tag along with it.

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